Springfield Town Library is collaborating with Springfield Rotary Club's project to remove plastic film from the waste stream. "This project empowers residents to elevate their knowledge of the volume of plastic the world generates and helps solve the plastic waste issue."
Trex, a company that makes outdoor items from recycled materials, first rolled out its recycling challenge to schools and communities in 2006. The initiative gives communities a six-month period to collect 500 pounds (or more) of plastic bags and film — also known as polyethylene films or plastic that can be stretched — and if that goal is met, the community receives an earth-friendly Trex bench, according to the company.
Springfield Rotarians have until the end of June to secure their free bench made from recycled materials.
Each year, Americans buy enough plastic film to shrink-wrap Texas, according to National Geographic. Thin plastic film, including plastic bags, newspaper sleeves, dry-cleaning bags, and produce bags, cannot be recycled at home in curbside bins because they clog recycling machines and will release toxic chemicals if they end up in landfills or incinerators, according to the World Health Organization.
Besides being an initiative that could get the town a new, shiny bench, Rotary's plastic waste project is also making residents aware of the plastic they use every day and how it can be recycled by collaborating with Springfield Town Library.