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Bob, Buddy, Carol, Cas, Deb, Ed, Emma, Frank, Hal, Jeff, Jim, Karen, Liz, Marty, Patti, Pete, Paul, Rod, Steve, Sue Dana, Sue Dowdell, and Tom.  Guests: Brandon Gulnick, Weathersfield Town Manager; Missy Wilkins, Dir. of Curriculum; Kelly Ryan, Dir. of Special Ed and our guest speaker, Sherri Nichols, Superintendent of Schools.
Wonderful turnout of members today!
Penny Sale tickets and sponsorship, keep selling! We need 300 prizes.  Reach out to Buddy and Ed with any questions. 
Food Drive for Springfield Family Center will be Sat. Nov 19th at Shaw's.
District meeting, Sunday, Nov. 6th can be attended in person or on zoom.  Please consider taking part.
DEI survey from the district was sent out from Sue Dowdell.  Please take time to complete the survey.  There will be many discussions on how the club can be aware of DEI programs.
Springfield Rotary Club was started on 9/27/27.  Throughout the year the club will celebrate with special events.  We're hoping to raise money for a town bench in honor of Eugene Guy.  Another suggestion is to collect 95 books to present to a local group.
Toonerville Trail race is happening Sat. Sept 17th.  Come walk, run, volunteer!  See Jim for more information.
We need SPEAKERS.  Please contact Liz when you have a person or group wishing to speak.
  • Frank is glad to be here today.  Participated in a bike race in Burlington, challenging!
  • Carol, so happy to see so many faces!
  • Jim will be coaching FBall and their 1st game is this weekend (away)
  • Karen, grateful for Emma running the board meeting last week; for our guests and all the members who came today
  • Marty is completing the Little Library articles and photos of the builders, artists and sponsors of each library.
  • Liz, so thrilled to thank, in person, Hal and Peter for their unending patience and kindness they gave to Karen and Liz at the rotary golf tournament!
  • Sherri Nichols, thankful for being invited to speak
  • Cas's daughter turned 3 this weekend and had a great birthday party
  • Jeff attended the 42nd annual camp out of classmates and wasn't able to ALL the cribbage games, but most!
Pete and Steve were very busy collecting fines $28.00




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Rotary weekly meeting

September 13, 2022

Pictured above: Missy Wilkins, Dir. of Curriculum; Sherri Nichols, Superintendent of Schools; Kelly Ryan, Dir. of Special Ed; President, Karen Longo
Our program today was to hear the future plans Sherri Nicols has in store for the Springfield School District.  Sherri offered ideas and plans.  Questions were asked about the lack of staffing, bussing issues, and how we can help as a club.  Sherri talked about "The Portrait of A Graduate".  What does it look like?  What is needed for a student to graduate and be a successful contributor to society.  Her team is developing a survey for the community, parents and students to hear from us as to what we hope to see in the district.  As a club we can volunteer and come back into the schools to read to students.  The district website has a simple volunteer form we can complete to participate.  Food insecurity is a major focus for the club this year and Sherri shared that there are many issues around food insecurity.  Trying to take away the stigma of taking/receiving food at no cost; finding a way to get student clothing washed as some students are experiencing homelessness.  
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Carol won the raffle $12.00 and the grand prize is up to $103.00
Next board meeting will be Thursday, Oct. 13th, 12pm at the town offices. All members are welcome to all board meetings, your input is valued, please come!


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