Board Meetings

1st Thursday of the month, 12 pm


In person: Carol, Ed, Jeff, Jim

Via ZOOM: Bob, Jerry, Josh

Guests: Karen, Liz, Marty, and Sue Dowell


Tues. Feb. 8: DG John Bob Sienienowicz at CPCC

Wed. Feb. 16th Live Raffle drawing at CPCC @ 5:30 PM


All members are welcome to all board meetings, your input is valued, please come!

Next board meeting will be Thursday, March 3rd, 2022, place TBA

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Minutes from Jan 13, 2022:  Carol made a motion to accept that was seconded by Josh; approved.

Financials: Jeff reported that we have sold $6000 in raffle tickets.  There are two weeks left to sell and meet our goal.

Three members have not paid their dues for this year.  Jeff will send a reminder/nudge to the members.

Motion to approve financial report was made by Carol and seconded by Jerry; report approved.
Membership: No new members, yet.  Hoping with loosening of restrictions, more people will be interested in joining.
Programs for speakers are booked until March 8th.  Liz will reach out to a few other agencies that would like to come and speak.
     District Governor, John Bob Siemienowicz will be visiting the club next Tuesday, Feb. 8th at CPCC.  Please try to attend.
     On Wednesday, Feb. 16th at CPCC we will have our LIVE stream raffle drawing.  5:30 pm social with 6:30 pm drawing for the grand prize.  Liz will confirm with CPCC.
4-way speech contest: Bob reported the is getting some interest at SHS with teachers and students. 

New Business:

1. Marty reported on behalf of Rod that the Little Free Library project needs people to put them together.  Rod has the plans and will be getting the materials.  The estimated cost for materials is $500.00.  A motion for the club to cover the cost of the materials up to $500 was presented by Jeff and seconded by Carol; approved.    Sue Dowdell and Friends of Springfield Library are able to help build two of the libraries.  The dates for completion are: May 1st construction complete; June 15th artists painting complete; July book sale with auction

2. Karen inquired who the chairperson of each committee is and when they meet.  Jeff will post this on our website.  Jim suggested committees get together on their own for a few months to get projects going again.

3. Julie Martin has taken a leave of absence.  In her absence, Jeff made a motion to appoint Liz as secretary for the club that was seconded by Carol; approved.

4. The regency committee is working to secure a president-elect.  By next week’s meeting, there should be a decision.

5. Jeff shared that there is district training happening as well as Rotary Regional Institute programs online.  The district is paying for members to participate.

Motion to adjourn by Bob was seconded by Josh at 12:40 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Liz Carey
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