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Bob, Carol, Cas, Ed, Emma, Jeff, Jessica, Jim, Liz, Marty, Patti, Rod, Tom.  Guests: Brandon Gulnick, Weathersfield Town Manager; Mike Schmitt of Black River Coffee Bar  
New members!  Brandon Gulnick, Mike Schmitt and Taylor Drinker have all be accepted as members.  Karen, Jeff and Carol will meet with them to go over the ins/outs of our club.  WELCOME!
Penny Sale was a success!  About 24k was raised before expenses.
Everyone worked hard to make this event happen.
*Next year we need a food booth
*maybe not as many chairs;
*Try to collect prizes early Sept. instead of Oct. deadline.
*Use a program to show the sponsors how they will be advertised.
Food Drive for Springfield Family Center will be Sat. Nov 19th at Shaw's.  Jim and Ed will coordinate the setup with the truck and banners.  Liz has gotten permission from Shaws.  Bob will reach out to John Landry to do a live radio show from Shaws.
District meeting, Sunday, Nov. 6th can be attended in person or on zoom.  Please consider taking part.
We need SPEAKERS.  Please contact Liz when you have a person or group wishing to speak.
We need a new location to meet.  CPCC will NOT be open any longer during the daytime.  Rod suggested all of our meetings be "socials"  Weekly meetings at 5:30.  The board will meet tomorrow to make a plan.  Please join us if you are available.
Christmas/Holiday party date set for Wednesday, Dec. 7th.  CPCC, 5:30pm kids, grandkids, partners welcome!
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Rotary weekly meeting

Nov. 1, 2022

  • Ed has completed all 44 of his chemo treatments and is feeling good!  As a side note, Ed never missed a meeting or a duty during the entire treatment time.  Thank you ED!  Congratulations on your good health!
  • Jim's tenure as middle school FB coach ended and was successful. The next Farmer's Mkt will be at Methodist Church, Sat. Nov. 19th 10 to 1pm
  • Sue Dana's snow birds have landed safely in AZ!
  • Liz congratulated Ed on all his health accomplishments.  Happy for the penny sale success.
  • Jeff took his son back to KY to meet up with his girlfriend.  Jeff got to spend time with his brother too.
Marty won the raffle $8.00 and the grand prize is up to $141.00
Next board meeting will be Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 12pm at the town offices. All members are welcome to all board meetings, your input is valued, please come!


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